WordPress Service & Maintenance

WordPress - but hassle-free - for
$1.6 Per Day

Right now: Only $49 Per month (50% off) and no lock-up period!

A website should generate business, not headaches.

Daily Backups

Every morning during the wee hours (when you have the least traffic) we take a backup of the entire site that we can restore to if necessary.

365 days a year.

24/7 Uptime monitoring

We ping your site every minute and notify you via SMS/Mail if it should go down. We act first-responder and will immediately start investigating where the problem is to try to get it live again as quickly as possible. In addition, we also get a trend line over response times.

Security monitoring

Preventing is always more cost-effective than cleaning up. We monitor your website 24/7, 365 days a year to find security holes and deliver proactive action suggestions.


Your website will be continuously updated with the latest versions of core, plugins & themes. After each update, functionality & design are tested to ensure that nothing has "broken". If so, we will restore from our backup and deliver a proposal for action.

Speed optimization

We continuously optimize images, the database and fine-tune the caching to ensure that your website is as fast as it can be.

+ 35 minutes every month

For support, tips, proactive improvements on the site & strategic advice for better results.

Our promises


What distinguishes nordpress from similar services

If you wish, you will have access to a dedicated contact person, who gets to know you and your business in depth.

For many businesses, a website is the most important asset. We service it 365 days a year.

You never have to wait more than 12h for an answer, whether it's day, night or weekend.

We handle login information and sensitive data with a focus on total security. We can also help you secure this internally.

In short, it depends on one thing: Automation

We've been building websites in WordPress for 14 years, launching hundreds of websites and managing large, global ones. Over the years, we have developed processes that securely & efficiently replace a lot of manual work.

In addition, we have automated our internal processes, from customer acquisition to invoicing & follow-up. There we save up lots of time, which we instead spend on keeping the price down for you without compromising on the quality.

Obviously! email us at hello@northside.se and we'll help you restore the site and make sure it never happens again!

Considering everything that's included, as well as the 35 minutes per month, our comparison price is about 15$/h. Yep, it's pretty crazy to get access to real specialists at that price.

Unfortunately no, not as of right now. We try to keep down our average response time for all customers instead.

If you need our assistance for actions that are outside the service agreement, our hourly rate is:
For full-year contracts: $76/h.
For half-year ly agreements: $96/h.
For monthly contracts: $126/h

We invoice per hour started, and start work after approved hourly estimate by email (You will never receive an invoice shock)

Unfortunately, to keep our prices down, we rely on our beloved processes. We can therefore not make any special solution, but are happy to receive feedback on how we can make it better for all our customers at the same time!



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